Wir arbeiten an der nachhaltigen Lärmschutzwende!

ökologische Lärmschutzwände aus Schilf und Lehm


We at REEDuce - noise protection technologies are working on the noise protection revolution. Our ecological noise barrier made of reed, thermowood and clay reduces noise from roads and other noise sources effectively and sustainably.

It is made of renewable raw materials, is good for the climate, and is built in the spirit of the circular economy. Besides, it serves as a valuable home for insects.


Noise causes illness. Particularly along busy roads, railways or noisy production sites, residents often feel disturbed and impaired in living a healthy life. In order to protect neighborhoods from noise and illness, it is necessary to build noise barriers. Conventional noise barriers protect against noise, but they harm our environment and the climate. This is because both their production and their disposal lead to high CO2 emissions and the generation of hazardous waste at the end of life. In the light of Austria's and Europe's ambitious sustainability goals, it is clear that environmentally-friendly alternatives are needed. REEDuce not only provides effective and long-lasting protection against noise, but also offers other sustainable benefits: